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Dota 2 Item Recommender System

Dota 2 Item Recommender System is a system that can predict the next item a player will buy in the video game Dota 2 with high accuracy. It uses a rule-based and logistic regression classifier. Common purchasing strategies are also revealed through clustering. See paper in IEEE Transactions on Games.


Minefield is a multiplayer first-person shooter game inspired by Minecraft. It written in C++ using Direct3D 9 rendering and a custom encrypted UDP-based protocol. The client runs on Windows only but the server runs on Linux only.


TrainWhacker is a really exciting HTML5-based game. Guide Nopal by avoiding enemies as she fulfills her dream of migrating from Mexico to the United States!

WebGL Water

WebGL Water is an interactive water simulation implemented in JavaScript and WebGL. It features reflection, refraction, Fresnel, and specular lighting. Caustics and a more realistic model may be added later.


WenLiBot™ 2.1 is a new intelligent chatterbot where you can talk with a variety of virtual programmed people. It utilizes PHP/MySQL and basic natural language processing techniques.

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