Wenli Looi
I am currently a software engineer at Google and computer science masters student at Stanford.
  • Second Path
    Dota 2 Item Recommender System
    Using recommender systems to predict in-game purchases with high accuracy.
    Paper: Wenli Looi, Manmeet Dhaliwal, Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne. Recommender System for Items in Dota 2. IEEE Transactions on Games, 2018.
  • Minefield
    Minefield is a multiplayer first-person shooter game inspired by Minecraft. It written in C++ using Direct3D 9 and a custom UDP-based protocol.
  • TrainWhacker
    Exciting HTML5-based game. Guide Nopal by avoiding enemies as she fulfills her dream of migrating from Mexico to the United States!
  • WebGL Water
    WebGL Water
    Interactive web-based water simulation (WebGL) featuring reflection, refraction, Fresnel, and specular lighting.
  • WenLiBot
    Intelligent chatterbot where you can talk with a variety of virtual programmed people. Utilizes basic natural language processing techniques.

Selected Course Projects

  • Analysis of Code Submissions in Competitive Programming Contests
    CS229 Machine Learning[poster, report]
  • Quantized GANs for Mobile Image Reconstruction
    CS231N Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition[poster, report]
  • Predicting Traffic Congestion on City Road Networks
    CS224W Machine Learning with Graphs[poster, report]
  • Caption-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
    CS236 Deep Generative Models[poster, report]

Experience Summary

2018 - 2020
StanfordMS, Computer Science, Stanford University
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Computer Science
2012 - 2017
University of CalgaryBS, Chemical Engineering/Computer Science, University of Calgary
Professional Experience
2017 - Present
GoogleGoogle, Software Engineer
Works on an internal MapReduce-like framework used by other teams to efficiently process massive amounts of data on large clusters of machines. Was an intern in summer 2016.
2014 - 2015
(2 summers)
MicrosoftMicrosoft, Software Engineer Intern
Designed and implemented a new time zone detection feature for Windows 10 which is now installed by default on all computers. Inventor on granted patent.
2012 - 2013
Best BuyBest Buy Canada, Retail Store Employee
Research and Publications
2019 - Present
StanfordStanford, SNAP Group, Prof. Jure Leskovec
Analyzing terabyte-scale human movement networks to identify socioeconomic segregation.
2017 - 2018
University of CalgaryUniversity of Calgary, Prof. Reda Alhajj's Research Group
Journal paper: Wenli Looi, Manmeet Dhaliwal, Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne. Recommender System for Items in Dota 2. IEEE Transactions on Games, 2018.

Ronald Ruzicka, Ken Sadahiro, Axel Andrejs, Matthew Johnson, Gregory Slayden, Wen Li Looi. Automatic time zone detection in devices. U.S. patent 10,503,124 filed 2015, granted 2019.


Feel free to send me an email at wenli at looiwenli dot com. You may also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.